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by Randal Kleiser 

(Director, Writer)


Cast: Bruce Davison, Barbara Rush, Jeanette Nolan

An ailing elderly woman is paid a perfunctory visit by her family while she sits despondently in a nursing home. Nobody can get through to her except for her young grandson, who talks to her about the happy times they shared between the two of them when she was well.

“Peege” was one of 25 films added on Dec. 27, 2007, to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, which recognized this renowned production as “extremely moving.”


by Randal Kleiser

Drawing Directors - Book Mockup.png

For many decades, film director Randal Kleiser has been drawing sketches of other fellow directors using a technique called blind contour drawing, where you trace the lines of the subject with your eye and simultaneously draw with a pen on the paper without looking down. The difficulty was that the subjects moved or changed positions in mid-sketch and many of the attempts were thrown away. This is a collection of the ones that worked.


With a foreword by Roger Corman, Drawing Directors pays tribute to Kleiser's favorite directors, including Steven Spielberg, John Singleton, Ron Howard, Guillermo del Toro, Robert Wise, and Billy Wilder. The author recounts their professional career and reveals anecdotes about them and his personal opinion about their work.

grease book cover.PNG

grease: The director's notebook

by Randal Kleiser 

Grease: The Director’s Notebook features rare and never-before-seen imagery from the studio’s archives, as well as Kleiser's production notes, dialogue changes, and more.


The book’s heart is Kleiser’s own heavily annotated shooting script, along with his storyboards and sketches, including lines from the play that were added to the film’s script and new exclusive interviews with the key cast members and crew, including Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, and Stockard Channing.

The Nina Foch Course for Filmmakers and Actors

by Randal Kleiser

and George Lucas

George Lucas & Randal Kleiser in assocation with USC School of Cinematic Arts present The NINA FOCH COURSE FOR FILMMAKERS AND ACTORS, a masterpiece DVD culled from over 200 hours of footage from Academy Award nominee Nina Foch's legendary USC class.


This two set DVD is the perfect and MUST HAVE resource for any student of the performing arts and filmmaking as well as for any professionals involved in writing, directing, producing and acting.



Randal Kleiser has been an internationally known film director since the release of his first feature, Grease.


His career began when his award-winning USC Master’s Thesis Peege was seen by executives at Universal who signed him to begin directing for television. In December of 2007, Peege was selected as one of 25 films to be added to the National Registry of Congress.


Kleiser’s other directing credits include The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The Blue Lagoon, Summer Lovers, Flight of the Navigator, White Fang, Honey I Blew up the Kid, Getting It Right, LovewreckedIt’s My Party and the critically acclaimed play The Penis Chronicles

Working with Paramount and Intel Studios, he directed the Lumiere Award-winning project "Grease AR"; an augmented reality experience using 20 dancers captured volumetrically.

In 2019, Harper Collins published his first book: "Grease: The Director's Notebook". A retrospective look at the making of his first feature film.

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Grease XR (2020)

Defrost: The Virtual Series (VR Series) (2019)

Defrost - The Awakening (VR Series) (Pilot Episode) (2015) 

The Nina Foch Course for Filmmakers and Actors (2010) 

Lovewrecked (2006) 
Red Riding Hood (2006) 
Royal Standard (1999) (TV) 
Shadow of Doubt (1998) 
It's My Party (1996) 
"New York News" (1995) TV Series 
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (1995) (uncredited) 
Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992) 
White Fang (1991) 
Getting it Right (1989) 
Big Top Pee-wee (1988) 
Flight of the Navigator (1986) 
Grandview, U.S.A. (1984) 
Summer Lovers (1982) 
The Blue Lagoon (1980) 
Grease (1978) 
The Gathering (1977) (TV) 
Portrait of Grandpa Doc (1977) 
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976) (TV) 
Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway (1976) (TV) 
"Family" (1976) TV Series 
"Starsky and Hutch" (1975) TV Series 
All Together Now (1975) (TV) 
"Lucas Tanner" (1974) TV Series (two episodes) 
"The Rookies" (1972) TV Series (one episode) 
Peege (1972) 
“Marcus Welby, MD” (1969) TV Series



Bruce Davison and Tanna Frederick on
Nokia OZO stereoscopic 360 camera
With Mike Fink in the Light Stage
Bart the Bear
Jed and Ethan Hawk in Alaska
Battle Drill shooting
On the set of "Big Top Pee-wee"
Rick Moranis and Randal Kleiser
Henry Cavill and Randal Kleiser
Olivia and John
Grease rehearsal
On the set of Grease
"You are the One That I Want"
Flight of the Navigator
On the set of Big Top Pee-wee
Flight of the Navigator
Grandview, USA
Shooting "Grandview USA"
Blue Lagoon
Nestor Almendros
Digital Cinema Seminar


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